There are moments in my day (thankfully not every day) when I ask myself what I was thinking when I chose to be a psychologist. Hearing about the pain some people have suffered in their lives is a heavy business. But I am reminded about the "why" when I see people move themselves through that pain and back to living their lives and experiencing their relationships in a whole new way. It is as if they have been living someone else's life at someone else's will and they decide to fight to get it back. They realize they are worth the fight. It is a beautiful thing to see. That moment when someone knows - not in their head, but in their soul and their body - knows that they are all right and they have made peace with their lives, that is an incredible moment. That is why I chose to do what I do. That is why I am able to sit with people through their pain. Because I have also seen them come through it to reconnect with themselves and their lives again.

AuthorNicole Nakamura